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Nestled in Northwest CT, North Canaan Elementary School educates students aged 4-14 in small classes with highly qualified, educators dedicated to success.


Our exciting TAB art curriculum provides personalized attention for students. 2018 also marks 20 years of outstanding drama performances.


Three season sports include soccer, basketball, and baseball and softball. A Region One track meet brings students together throughout the district.

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    MARCH 30, 2020

    The following are the terms and conditions for the delivery of our Continued Educational Opportunities for Distance Learning.  

    I understand that my child may be receiving any group lessons through video or teleconferencing as part of their educational program.   By accepting the procedures of this plan, and unless I send you notice of my disagreement as set forth below, I agree as follows:

    1. To whatever extent possible, I will make arrangements that my child participates in those lessons in a private space where, other than a parent/guardian, no other individual has access to or is present during the period of instruction.  I understand that the purpose of this is to seek to avoid any third parties from obtaining, even incidentally, any personally identifiable information about any other child.  

    1. I understand that as my child participates in Distance Learning, I may see, hear, or be exposed to confidential and personally identifiable information about students other than my own child.  I understand that student confidentiality must be respected at all times when participating in distance learning. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to respect the privacy and confidentiality of this information about all students other than my own child.  I agree to maintain the confidentiality of all information that I may obtain about any students other than my own child. I will not access, use, or disclose any confidential information of any student other than my own child. I agree I will not record in any way any portion of any group lesson.

    1. I  understand that in the event that my presence during any lesson causes any disruption of the educational process, this may impact my child’s ability to participate in Distance Learning. I understand that staff reserves the right to terminate my child’s participation in a session if at any time the staff determines that my presence, that of my child, or any third party or activity, interferes with the delivery of instruction or causes a disruption of the educational process during the distance learning session.  If a session must be terminated, for this reason, the school can determine alternative means to provide the learning opportunity.

    1. I understand that in the course of the provision of group lessons, personally identifiable information of my child may be disclosed to undetermined and/or unknown third parties.  Those individuals include the parents of other children receiving the group lessons as well as other individuals who may be in the space where the child is receiving the distance learning lesson.  I understand that the North Canaan Board of Education has no control over the potential disclosure or dissemination of this information. I hereby waive any claims and actions of any kind against the North Canaan Board of Education, its agents and employees, for any such disclosure of my child’s confidential information and/or personally identifiable information, including claims under FERPA, as set forth herein. 

    By your student’s participation in this plan, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed above.  If you disagree with these terms and conditions, you must provide us written notice of your disagreement.  

    You can provide us with that written notice by contacting the building principal, either by email or by calling the school office.  If you are in disagreement, we will determine a different means by which to address your child’s educational needs.

    We look forward to working with you and your child during this challenging time.


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