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North Canaan Elementary School

Asbestos Management Plan Update

Notice to Parents, Faculty and Staff

A formal asbestos management program has been in place at the North Canaan Elementary School since 1986.  The purpose of this program is to identify any Asbestos-Containing Building Material (ACBM) that may be in our school and to take steps to make sure this material does not present an exposure hazard to the students, faculty or staff.

The asbestos management program is implemented through the North Canaan Elementary School Asbestos Management Plan.  This plan identifies the locations of the ACBM in our school and details our ongoing management program. The plan also includes descriptions of previous asbestos in sections and our plans for repair or removal of damaged asbestos-containing materials.

Under our asbestos management program, the ACBM listed in the management plan is inspected every six months to assure early detection of problem areas.  Furthermore, the school is completely re-inspected once every three years by a Connecticut-licensed asbestos inspector to make sure that all ACBM is properly identified and that the Asbestos Management Plan is up to date.

The North Canaan Elementary School Asbestos Management Plan is maintained in the school office.  Additionally, a complete set of the Region One management plans are maintained in the Superintendent’s office at 246 Warren Turnpike Road, Falls Village, Connecticut.  These plans are available for review during normal business hours.

North Canaan Elementary School has designated Mr. Samuel Herrick as the person responsible for ensuring that the requirements of our asbestos management program are properly implemented.  Mr. Herrick can be contacted at (860) 824-0855 or via email at sherrick@region1schools.org.